DIRECTIONS:¬†Wash and dry car first. Adopt special formula applicator. Apply product using circular motions to one section at one time. Allow to dry to a haze. Wipe off with a clean, soft cloth, turning it frequently. FOR BEST RESULTS:¬†Aavoiding direct sunlight. The car surface should be cool. Use on vinyl tops, metalized plastic trim, decals,…


Produced from imported Brazilian carnauba wax, special quality paraffin wax and Nano-Materials. It forms a strong wax film of certain mechanical strength on the car body (temperature :0 degree,tensile speed: 350mm/min, and tensile strength: 300N/cm2) Prevent vehicle paint from harmful scratching, acid rain, ultraviolet ray proof and ant-contamination.

Crystal Hard Wax is an excellent crystal wax for car paint care. It possesses powerful capacity of removing the dirt, can quickly get rid of the various besmirches in the automobile body paint to restore the gloss of paint to shine. At the same time, its special multi-layer protective film resists UVR, acid rain, and helps to prevent the degeneration, alligatoring and off-color of the paint due to its easy operation.


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